Contact Loveland Violin Shop today to set up an appointment and have your instrument appraised. Whether it’s a written evaluation for insurance purposes, a quote for repair and restoration, or simple curiosity for the value of your instrument. We’re happy to provide appraisal services at all levels. Call us today at (707) 526 – 9777 or email Mick@LovelandViolinShop.comĀ 

Curious about the value of your instrument?

Mick Loveland offers 50+ years of expertise in Violin, Viola, and Cello trade. Mick will leverage his experience and library of literature to accurately assess the value, condition, and maybe even some history about your instrument. We charge $20.00 for a verbal appraisal of your instrument.

Are you in need of a repair?

Visit or contact the shop today, and we’ll review your instrument free of charge if it’s in need of a repair. Instruments need to be brought in person, but we are happy to connect with you on the phone first to establish an appointment.

Do you need a written evaluation for insurance purposes?

A common service of Loveland Violin Shop is providing instrument owners with a professionally written evaluation of your Violin, Viola, or Cello; specifically for the purpose of insurance documentation. We charge $75-$150 per instrument for written evaluations.